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Jessica L
Awakening - I will forever be indebted in you for all that you did for me. I can't wait to work with you again! It was my first time working with an Energy Doctor and Dr. Debbie. She is beyond amazing. She picked up on a lot of things I was going through and gave me great tools to use. I feel like a new ME! Everyday my self-esteem is growing. I was able to pass the affirmations you gave me to a friend who was struggling with self-esteem issues. Thank you!
Ryoko Nadeau
World Traveler
Life reset energy work - Wow-- Debbie is amazing. I have been her client for over 4 years. In her short session, she goes straight to core issues and knows how to fix them! I am very grateful she is available to share her gift!
Angela Weaver
Chicago, IL
Life changing, eye opening, and heart opening - Dr Debbie has a gift! I felt unresolved feelings and thoughts were preventing me from moving forward. She was able to clear the heaviness I felt by clearing deep ancestral pains that are part of who we are. The noise I felt in the background, that weight has continued to lift in the days following my session. She presented her intentions so clear and eloquently that was eye opening. The overwhelming negative feelings that had lingered are clear. I look forward to continuing the work!
Sessions with Dr. Thompson are amazing, life-changing experiences. Even over the phone, the transformation is immediately obvious. Healing is followed by a sense of lightness and well-being that shifts one's perspective about daily life. I highly recommend this modality to anyone who is looking to quickly and easily change difficult life patterns and challenges.
-Kim Sweet, Alaska
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